Chhattisgarh: New Variant Increases the Threat; Government Reserves 50% Beds in Private Hospital

Story Highlights
  • New strain N-440 wreaks havoc in the state
  • Durg extends lockdown
  • ESMA implemented across the state

Raipur: Chhattisgarh health department reports the new strain to be more dangerous. The state health authorities confirmed the birth of a new strain N-440 on April 1st. Since then, around 1,272 people have lost their lives to COVID. The death toll due to COVID has been reported to be higher than those owing to co-morbidities.

The state collected around 53,454 samples in the past25 hours out of which 15,256 reported being infected. With the infection rate at 28.54, the state has crossed 500,000 positive cases. 

The state-imposed lockdown on several districts beginning on April 6 in Durg followed by Raipur on 9th and others from 10-12 April.  The fear of lockdown has initiated the movement of migrant workers.  The transport department reports the mass movement of the labourers from Delhi, Surat, Mumbai, Ahmedabad.  

Grappling to manage the situation, Raipur registered around 3438 new cases and 60 deaths. Durg reported 1778 cases with 5 deaths. Durg district administration has declared the extension of the lockdown until 19 April.

The Railway department announced the extension of its services as the traffic at the stations multiplied. 8 pairs of special trains from Raipur to Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Howrah Puri, Surat, Tirunelveli, Visakhapatnam and Delhi routes will now run till the end of June. 

The government announced the reservation of 50% beds in private hospitals.  Out of 5512 beds in private hospitals in Raipur district, 3531 are reserved for covid patients. 972 beds in Durg and 285 out of 355 beds in Bilaspur district will be reserved for COVID patients. The state administration has also implemented ESMA on Thursday. During this period, all health facilities, doctors, nurses and health workers, sweepers in health institutions, sale, maintenance and transportation of medical equipment, sale of medicines and drugs, transport and manufacturing, ambulance services, water and power supply, safety services, food and drinking water provision and management and those involved in bio-waste management will not be entitled to any protest or strike. They will not be able to deny the work given by the Government.

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