Chhattisgarh: No Alcohol? Drink Sanitizer! Raipur Youth Dies after Consuming Sanitizer in a party

Story Highlights
  • Friends arranged for a drinking party but due to the non-availability of alcohol they consumed sanitizer
  • Two of them in critical condition, two died
  • Last year also the same incident happened in the state

Raipur: In the wake of the coronavirus cases in the nation, people should become more aware of using sanitizers. But in Raipur, people are using it to entertain their drinking habits, rather than fighting the virus. Four friends organized a party to consume alcohol. They did not find alcohol anywhere due to the lockdown and curfew restrictions due to which they planned to drink sanitizer for experiencing intoxication.

The incident took place at Rajiv Awas Bashti located behind the Lal Ganga shopping mall in Raipur. Two youth named Raju Chura and Vijay Chouhan died in hospital during treatment after their health condition deteriorated and another two youth named Chandan Tiwari and Anil Chediya are still in critical condition.

Last year also two youths died due to similar incidents. Police investigated the matter and found that these young men found out from somewhere that the alcohol content of the sanitizer was able to intoxicate them. And thus, they planned to consume sanitizer instead of alcohol. In these tough times, we must be more careful in keeping ourselves free of such false information and be safe. 

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