Chhattisgarh Orders Strict Regulations; “Will Conduct The Second Vaccination Campaign Soon”, says TS Singh Deo

Story Highlights
  • Raipur to conduct second vaccination campaign
  • Administrative officials advised to follow strict precautions
  • Prison Sentinel misbehaves with a technician in prison

Raipur: With the resurgence of COVID cases across the country, Minister TS Singh Dev discusses the regulations levied for containing the spread. Airports and railway stations are observing strict surveillance. Travellers are strictly ordered to quarantine for 7 days irrespective of their symptom presentation.

He said,” It is a matter of concern that 100 per cent of the people should be vaccinated, I have asked the department for the second dose.” The district collector, health CHMO and officials were asked to be brisk and stern in taking the second dose and conveying the message to the masses.

The Minister fears the failure of the vaccination drive of the country. From March 1, citizens above 50 years of age will be vaccinated. 3,381 centres have been highlighted to inoculate larger masses.

The virtual meeting of the health department and administrative officers was held today (Tuesday, 23 February), and instructions were issued to district collectors to relaunch the vaccine campaign. The surge in the central region of Chhattisgarh had made re-sensitization of the crowd a need of the hour.

On the contrary, the Health Minister has expressed displeasure over the prison sentinel misbehaving with a technician. He said, ‚Äúthere are many ways to correct the mistreatment, there may be delays, some deficiency. Hand raise is not accepted in any way. No one in any department can hand over any person. Whether it is the police personnel, health workers, citizens or businessmen, it is not correct to raise their hands.”

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