Chhattisgarh Paddy Crops Are Ready; Farmers To Wait For Sale

Story Highlights
  • Government decided to purchase paddy from 1st December.
  • Paddy harvesting has started in forest areas.
  • Farmers take paddy crop in 97,000 hectares.

Raipur: The state government has decided to procure paddy from December 1st this year. On the other hand, the short duration paddy is ready to ripen. Paddy harvesting has started in forest areas. It will pick up more after Diwali, but farmers will have to wait a month to sell paddy. In the district, farmers take paddy crop in 97,000 hectares. The farmers of Vananchal and where there is no irrigation facility, they take early ripening paddy crop.

Due to this, the harvesting of paddy has started now, but this time to one will have to wait for a month to sell the paddy. For this, the process of registration has also been started. Ever since the support price has increased, the number of farmers is also increased. Due to delays in procurement, many farmers are preparing to harvest paddy only after Diwali. The farmers of the district take crops of 1010, IR 64, Mahamaya and Rajeshwari and other varieties of paddy, out of which IR 64 and 1010 varieties of paddy are ready in 110 to 115 days. 

Now the farmers reach directly after harvesting the crop from the machine,
the farmers who sell the paddy now harvest and sow in the field by the machine itself. DPS Kanwar, assistant director of ADO Agriculture Department, says that the harvesting of paddy has started. This time the crop is good, so the yield will also be high. According to the decision of the government, the purchase of paddy will be done in the district.

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