Chhattisgarh: Panchayat Minister Signs an MoU with ICICI Bank to digitise panchayati Raj Institutes

Story Highlights
  • Digitisation prevails over the state of Chhattisgarh in presence of the Panchayat Minister TS Singh deo
  • Economic support of 4 crores issued to the panchayat in lieu of digitization

In the purview of a new vision for IT infrastructure development of the Panchayati raj system; an MoU was signed between ICICI bank and panchayat officials on Monday, in a program organized at the residence of Panchayat Minister TS Singh deo.

The rural economy will get new dimensions with the MoU signed with the help of CSR. This deal will affect not only the rural development department but also other departments, with a CSR of about Rs. 4 crores. NRLM has also ensured participation in this MoU.

With the panchayat department officials working through an integrated scheme, ICICI Bank was planning for infrastructure development and its sector for the department, which has 2 major phases of income generation for asset register and individual. 

 MoU will aid in the determination of the Per-Capita of each family

Panchayat Minister TS Singh deo thanked the bank management for its decision and cooperation with the government for levying economic support of Rs 4 crores.

He expressed the difficulty they faced in the absence of participation from the bank in this direction. Singhdeo further said, “We are working as a measure of the collector rate in the minimum annual income, how much employment a person should get in a month so that he can live a normal life.”

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