Chhattisgarh: Police Book Hoonch Sellers after Investigating the Incident of 2 Deaths and 1 Falling ill

Story Highlights
  • 2 persons died, while 1 fell seriously ill after consumption of locally-made liquor in Korba district of Chhattisgarh
  • Two persons were booked by the police, who were accused of being involved in selling ‘hoonch'
  • The incident, took place at the celebration of the birth of a child at Gurasiya village located under Bango police station

Chhattisgarh: Earlier this week, two people died and another fell severely ill after consuming Hoonch (locally brewed country liquor) during a celebration on the occasion of the birth of a child at a retired forest official’s family.

The incident took place at Gurasiya village, which falls under the Bango police station area in Chhattisgarh. According to the latest update, the Chhattisgarh police have booked two persons who were accused of being involved in selling the poisonous alcohol.

Both of the deceased persons, Sadhuram Gond (55) and Rajkumar Kumbhkar (28) hailed from the same village where the incident took place. Kumbhkar and Gond, along with some other people, had consumed locally-made alcohol while cooking for the celebration. Reportedly, the alcohol is sold in the village illegally. 

“At least 13 people had consumed the beverage but the condition of Gond, Rajkumar and Itwar Ram Kumbhkar deteriorated and they started vomiting. The trio was rushed to a community health center in Podi-Uproda village”, asserted an official, adding, “The police have arrested two persons involved in the sale of country-made liquor in the area and further probe is underway”.

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