Chhattisgarh Ranked Second by Central Department of Health and Family Welfare for the FY 2021-22

Story Highlights
  • Chhattisgarh’s health and wellness centre ranked second
  • Karnataka scored first place
  • 5 lakh medicines delivered across the state amidst the pandemic

Raipur: According to the report released by the Central Department of Health and Family Welfare for the financial year 2021-21, Chhattisgarh ranks second in the last quarter, while Karnataka is in the first position. 

As per the list released Delhi ranked 37th, Rajasthan ranked 26th, Uttar Pradesh 14th, Madhya Pradesh 13th, while Gujarat, Maharashtra ranked fourth and fifth respectively. 

Several health centres in the state have been upgraded to provide top-notch health care assistance. The state also extended its services to remote areas. Amidst the pandemic, the state supplied a total of 5 lakh medicines to homes through the Health and Wellness Centre. Amongst these 1,96,375 diabetic drugs, 1,32,330 hypertensive medications,5,279 TB related medications, and 1,85,470 pregnant ladies were provided home care amidst the surge.

On this achievement, Dr Priyanka Shukla stated that the Health and Wellness Centre in collaboration with the Health Department of the State Government and the National Health Mission, Chhattisgarh maintained the continuity of health services in the state. She said,” these centres have raised the state’s statute by setting a record in providing safe immunization, elderly care, availability of medicines to critical patients at home, health care of pregnant females and delivery assistance.”

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