Chhattisgarh Receives New Consignment of Vaccines; Immunization of APL and FWs to Resume

Story Highlights
  • State reported saturation of vaccines for APL and FWs under as per their vaccination policy
  • 2,97,000 Covishield vaccine for 45year olds and 3,37,000 for the 18 years old arrived
  • Vials to be distributed amongst all the vaccination centres under the direction of the health department

Raipur: After reporting shortage of vaccines, the state received its new consignment from the centre, thus paving way for uninterrupted vaccination at least for a few days at the government and state-run centres. This batch consisting of 2,97,000 Covishield vaccine for 45year olds and 3,37,000 for the 18 years old arrived at the Swami Vivekananda International Airport.

The vaccine is handed over to the health department of the state which is circulating the vials across all vaccination centres. Immunization officer Thakur Amarjit Singh Thakur confirmed the quantity of the doses and said,” it will be sent to the districts as per the allocation. The vaccine will reach nearby districts today itself. The vaccine will reach far-flung districts by tomorrow.”

On the High Court’s orders to conduct equitable administration of the vaccine. Raipur reported saturation of vaccines designated for the APL category under the 33% coverage formula on May 12. After which huge chaos spread across the individuals. Vaccination centres reported latitude to continue vaccination for the APL category individuals from Thursday onwards. Apart from them, vaccination quoted for the Frontline workers was also reported to be exhausted. The arrival of the new batch has reinvigorated the vaccination policy for the APL and FWs; while the BPL columned vaccines are sufficient enough.

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