Chhattisgarh Refutes Centres Report Over Vaccine Wastage

Story Highlights
  • The Central Government charges Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh of vaccine wastage
  • Health Minister TS Deo refutes charges
  • 1.44% vaccination wastage documented by state

Chhattisgarh: Amidst the rising shortage of vaccines across the country; several states have been charged for wastage of vaccines. The Central Government on Wednesday released the data of vaccine wastage by top states which included Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. As per the reports by the Union Health ministry vaccination wastage in India is as high as 37.7%. 

The Centre reports Chhattisgarh is recorded to have wastage of 50%. In response to the reports, the state’s Health Minister TS Singh Deo rapped the central government and refuted the claims.   

On Wednesday, he said, “the Central government has set up a different portal to collect COVID vaccination data. They are directly contacting the vaccination centres instead of the state government. And if the team at the vaccination centre fails to upload the data on the portal, then the Centre is stating that the whole lot has been wasted.” 

Targeting the system; he denounced the strategy being implemented and enunciated the centre should acquire authentic information and report the failure of fulfilment of the report. 

 He further claimed that the portal is showing as high as 80% of COVID vaccine wastage in some centres. “They are calling it vaccine wastage without getting proper data. If the Centre government does not believe us, it can send its own team for a probe. Their intention is not right and these statements are politically motivated,” he said proposing the Centre should close the portal.

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