Chhattisgarh Reports a Decline in its Positivity Rate; Exists the List of Top Ten Infected State

Story Highlights
  • The positivity rate drops from 28% to8% in 20 days
  • Mortality Rate still high
  • State exits the list of top ten infected states

RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh reports a decline in its COVID tally. The state health department recorded a drop in its positivity report from 28% to 8% in the last 20 days. However, no decline in its mortality rates is witnessed. This drop in the positivity report excluded the Baghel ruled state from the top ten most infected states of the country.

On Wednesday, 69,402 cases were conducted by the Health Ministry. Out of these 5,680 infected were detected. As per the data documented by the hospitals, 146 COVID-linked deaths were witnessed in the state. On the whole, Chhattisgarh recorded 9,31,211 deaths since the initiation of the pandemic. Out of these 85, 868 were active cases being monitored. The hospitals successfully treated 8,33,161 patients of the novel virus while 12,182 couldn’t combat the virus.

Out of all the districts of the state, Raigad and Bilaspur report the highest casualties.  On Wednesday, 441 new patients were detected in Raigad while 17 patients died. This was regarded as the highest toll in the state so far. Bilaspur added 204 patients to its infected count, while only 12 patients succumbed to the virus. 

The state health bulletin observed a drop in its infected cases over the last 15 days. Currently, the Southern rural belt of the country is identified as the new hotspot.  Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have the greatest number of rural districts that have seen sharp rise the last two weeks. Of the 30 rural districts that have seen at least 1000 additional weekly cases in the last two weeks, Karnataka has 10, Tamil Nadu has 7, and Andhra Pradesh has 5.

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