Chhattisgarh Reports New COVID-Hotspot in the State;

Raipur: Despite undergoing a lockdown for 25, the Chhattisgarh COVID graph doesn’t seem to decline. On average, 15000 new infections are being reported from the past 10 days.

Experts said that the lockdown has had a positive impact on Raipur and Bilaspur. However, the Bilaspur-Sarguja district are now reported to be under the COVID radar.

Dr Subhash Mishra, director of epidemic control in Chhattisgarh, says that the impact of lockdown can be assessed only after 14 days. He said,” the rate of infection has declined and the number of recuperators has increased.” Adding to his statement,Dr O.P. Sundarani, critical care specialist at DrBhimrao Ambedkar Hospital in Raipur also reported a decline in the graph. 

The N-440 Strain

Experts reveal that the sudden surge in the infection was observed due to the N-440 strain. This strain was detected on March 2021 by scientists at the National Laboratory. According to the research, this strain is capable of deceiving the body’s immune system and doctors estimate those infected with these strains needed critical care and oxygen support.

Bastar Division- The New hotspot

While most of the districts were under lockdown, the transmission rate of the virus had also ceased to a certain extent. On April 30, 202 new infected were found in Bastar district. Nearly, 189 people were reported positive from Kondagaon and 479 in Kanker. However, after the speculations of the arrival of the new strain in Bastar district, the number of infected individuals in Kondagaon was 262, 562 in Kanker and 189 in Bastar.

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