Chhattisgarh: Resumption of Trade Market triggers Confusion Among Stall Owners

Story Highlights
  • Dispute over Odd-Even implementation
  • A majority of markets across the state opened
  • Raipur Commercial Centre‚Äôs followed Odd-Even Law

Raipur: After the Chamber of Commerce Chairman Amar Parwani announced the pull-out on Sunday evening, a state of confusion clouded amongst the traders. As per the chairman’ order, stores of the 11 main markets were directed to follow the Odd-Even Rule to pull up their shutters. The stalls on each side of the road were supposed to follow alternating dates to operate. However, there seems to be confusion amongst the traders regarding the guidelines.

A dispute sprang up near the Golbazar, Banjari Road, MG Road, Pandri, and Katoratalab markets, and the police took charge of the situation. On refusing to follow the odd-even all shops across these markets were opened. 

In Raipur, the Odd-Even Law was implemented on three commercial complexes namely, Ravi Bhawan, Jairam Complex, and Lal Ganga Shopping Mall. The shopkeepers followed the Odd-Even Law and operated their stalls.

 Nodal officer Pulak Bhattacharya directed all zone commissioners to stick yellow and red marks on the shops on Sunday. Shops with red stickers were allowed to open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Shops with yellow stickers can open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. However, due to the failure of prior notice all shops opened and nullified COVID norms.

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