Chhattisgarh: Serious Allegation Against Minister Amarjeet Bhagat’s Son

Story Highlights
  • Jashpur cabinet minister accused of defrauding
  • Accuses Former Minister of proclaiming false news
  • Collector Mahadev Kavre will investigate the case

 Raipur: Chhattisgarh’s Cabinet minister Amarjeet Bhagat’s son Ashish Bhagat has been charged with serious charges. 

The case was escalated to collector Jashpur Mahadev Kavre by a delegation from Korwa Samaj. On further investigation of the case, no response from the accused.

However, Minister Amarjeet Bhagat said “all these allegations are baseless”. He claims that former minister Ganeshram Bhagat is promulgating politics.

He also reported that the Korwa family had approached to sell their land. He released a statement reporting that the entire process of purchase was in accordance with the rules and all allegations were fabricated.

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