Chhattisgarh: State Education Department Cuts 30 Percent Syllabus for State Board

Story Highlights
  • The State Education Minister reduces the 30 per cent syllabus for State Board Class 10 and 12th
  • Schools are directed to give assignments to students for their term from August to January
  • Earlier the state board cancelled the class 10 board exams and permitted class 12th students to give exams from home

Chhattisgarh: In March 2020, when the corona virus was declared as a pandemic by WHO, the Centre imposed an abrupt nationwide lockdown to avoid a looming public health crisis. With the lockdown in place, school closures in the country threatened the right to education for students and majorly impacted the backward margins of the nation. 

In an attempt to ease the reach of knowledge, the Chhattisgarh administration had introduced the Mohalla classes, which were determined to educate the children of the backward section. 

However, foreseeing the situation, the state Education Minister Dr Prem Sai Singh Tekam has deducted 30 per cent syllabus for the 10th and 12th state board students.

The Education Department has directed schools to issue assignments to the students for their term from August to January that they will have to submit, which would form the basis of assessment for the academic year.  

Earlier the state had called off the state board exam for class 10, citing the safety of the students permitting class 12th students to take exams from home.

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