Chhattisgarh: State Set Up 2 Coronavirus Screening Units in Raipur

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  • State unlocked its trading sector recently
  • Set up COVID-19 screening centres at Malviya Road and Gol Bazar
  • 2,824 fresh infections detected

Raipur: As Chhattisgarh unlocked its trading sector, the higher authorities decided to increase the screening of the citizens to maintain the figures. Therefore, in an attempt to streamline screening, the state administration has announced to set up centres of COVID-19 tests at Malviya Road and Gol Bazar in Raipur. 

As per the figures stated by the Trading Union, 1200 registered outlets exist on this road. Rapid Antigen tests of all employees present at the store including the store owners will be conducted. All customers arriving at the stores will also be subjected to the test. 

 As per the directions by the health department, a team of 20 experts has been activated for the screening camp. E-rickshaw and mobile testing units have  been stalled for the tests. Sources reveal that the results will be provided within 10 minutes of the test. Additionally, the Raipur Police is directed to monitor the crowd and assist the program.

After serving a lockdown from April 9, the state relaxed the trading sector ahead of its scheduled date. Chhattisgarh Health Bulletin as of 28 May reported 2,824 cases and 69 deaths and 6,815 recuperations.

Meanwhile, the state government claimed on Thursday, that nearly half of over 20,000 villages in Chhattisgarh have become coronavirus-free. Furthermore, New labs were established to increase the coronavirus testing capacity and now around 70,000 samples are being tested in the state daily against around 22,000 earlier.

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