Chhattisgarh: Students of a Nursing College march for 8kms; Management Terminates the Principal

Story Highlights
  • Fed up with the fraud-tricks of the principal, the students of Adeshwar Nursing College at Kanker set up a protest march
  • They walked 8 kilometers to reach the collector’s bungalow through a pretest march
  • The principal was terminated after the collector’s entrance into the case

Raipur: Fed up with the Principals’ frauds, the students of Adeshwar Nursing College at Kanker did a protest march of 8 kilometers and reached the collector’s bungalow. Their protest march was a success, as the college principal Presi Ajjo was terminated within a day. The Chief Executive Officer of the nursing college, Dr. GB George has released the termination order. 

It is noteworthy that the students from the nursing college accused the principal of deceit. They shouted protest against the foil and walked 8 kilometers on those under-developed roads to reach the collector’s bungalow. The students demanded a termination of the principal from the college at once. On the students’ demand, the administration reviewed the matter of terminating the Principal.

The administration did not concur with the termination of the principal at the initial phase of the protest. Later, when the collector got involved in the matter, the termination took place at once. 

Notably, after the protest march, the students were dropped at the college by the police cars. But the principal was not terminated till late in the evening, hence the students kept their protest on inside and around the college. After some while of the protests, the college administration finally agreed to terminate the principal.

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