Chhattisgarh: Sudden Surge in COVID Count; State Concern Over Economy drop

Raipur: Coronavirus conquers the two most populous districts of Raipur and Durg. A competitive surge is observed between both districts. According to the data released by the health department 475 new infected patients were found in the state in 24 hours.

129 people were advised self-quarantine after receiving treatment at the hospital.  4 deaths have been attributed to the virus, while the active caseload of the districts stands at 4006.

In Raipur, 133 new cases have been reported. Out of the 4006 active counts, 1138 are observed in Raipur. 1 death is reported during treatment. 

Subsequently in Durg,135 fresh cases have been reported. 995 active patients are admitted for treatments.

These figures have raised concerns of the health department and the district administration. Durg-Bhilai being the major industrial area of the state; might report a decline in revenue generation due to the surge.

The first patient of Corona in Raipur was reported on March 18, 2020.  The graph scaled in October – November and later dopped in January 2021.  But the last week has curbed the relief of the residents showing a drastic rise.

The districts register the highest single-day count after 200 cases were noted in  January this year.

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