Chhattisgarh: Superstition Takes Life of Disabled Youth at Bilaspur

Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh: A young man lost his life due to superstition in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. In the name of treatment of a mentally handicapped youth, Baiga, a fake Tantrik continued to shoot him with a trident for four days. More than 20 wounds were inflicted on his body. Due to this, the young man died. While the relatives started making arrangements to perform the last rites of the dead body, the police got the information and reached out to the site. It is being told that he died due to infection. Since then the police is looking for Baiga. The matter is of Ratanpur police station area. 

According to the information given by the sarpanch to the police, Tekuram Nirmalkar (35), a resident of his own village, had died in a suspicious condition. He told the police that there were burn marks all over his body and the family members were preparing for his last rites. On this, the police reached the spot and stopped the funeral. The police took the body into custody. When they saw the body, there were marks of wounds and burns in more than 20 places on the body. After this, the body of the youth was sent for post-mortem. 

During interrogation, Tekuram’s wife told the police that her husband’s mental condition had deteriorated four months ago. He was undergoing treatment in a nearby hospital. Despite this, there was no improvement in his health. During this time, he got information that Baiga Leela Rajak, who lives in Junwani of the Malhar Chowki area, is an exorcism expert. When she talked to Baiga, he assured her to do it right and asked Tekuram to come to his home on 23 October. 

On this, Tekuram’s wife took him to Baiga Leela Rajak’s house. It is alleged that by keeping him in his house for four days, he kept striking the body with a trident. After this, he said that Tekuram’s condition would improve and he would send him home the next day. Meanwhile, the infection continued to spread in his body for four days and Tekuram died on October 30. Ratanpur police have registered a case against Baiga and sent it to the Malhar outpost. He is absconding since the case was registered.

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