Chhattisgarh: The New Variant is Extremely Dangerous, Spreads Through Air, Say Experts

Story Highlights
  • Aggressive study and research of the new variant is being conducted
  • As per the study, the new variant is airborne in contrast to the surface borne novel virus
  • 13,628 new infections reported in the past 24 hours

Chhattisgarh: After the arrival of the south Indian variant in Bastar, the State health ministry has sorted to aggressive screening and sequencing of the double mutant. Based on the study of the new variant, doctors reveal the new variant to be the deadliest as it is airborne unlike the novel coronavirus which was surface borne.

Dr Anil Jain said,” since the new mutant is airborne, it will attack the body through the respiratory system. The mask is our only shield against the virus.” He further appealed to the people to maintain social distancing and avoid unnecessary outdoor visits. 

Sources reveal, experts stress on the use of double masks to prevent contraction with the virus. 

In the past 24 hours, 208 people succumbed to death due to COVID. So far, 10,158 COVID linked mortalities have been documented by the state health authorities, people are being treated as per their symptoms.  13,628 new infections reported in the past24 hours are being treated in the COVID establishments. The active count of the state is nearly 1.32 lakhs.

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