Chhattisgarh: Three Accused for Killing Former Counsellor Nephew Over Delay Of Loan Return

Story Highlights
  • Three Friends accused of murdering Jatin
  • Deceased found in a trolley bag near khamardih police station
  • The deceased owed Rs 20,000 to Pradeep

Raipur: The nephew of the former counsellor was found dead. Three accused are identified as his friends. Pradeep Naik, Sujit Tandi, and Venkat Diwakar committed the heinous act in the wake of a money transaction.

khamardih police station in-charge Sanjay Andhir said “Pradeep Naik, Sujit Tandi, and Venkat Diwakar have been arrested in connection with the murder of Jatin Roy.”

Jatin was murdered at his residence in Bhanpuri. Pradeep accompanied by his friends, packed the carcasses in a trolley case and dumped them in the khamardih police station area. The bag recovered from the site is claimed to belong to Jatin himself.

The nephew of the former counsellor, Jatin was friends with Pradeep. Both of them needed financial assistance and so Pradeep decided to mortgage his bike in the lieu of Rs 20,000. He lent the amount to Jatin who promised to return it in 5 days.

On 9th February, the friends consumed alcohol. In the meanwhile, Pradeep strangled Jatin to death.

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