Chhattisgarh To Have Driving License With QR Code

Story Highlights
  • The card will be made of ling lasting polycarbonate material.
  • The service will be available to citizens through the ‘Tunhar Sarkar Tuhar Dwar’ scheme and delivered at their home.
  • Scanning the QR code details of driver along with vehicle details will be available.

Raipur: The Chhattisgarh government has decided to issue all driving licenses and registration certificates on polycarbonate-based cards with QR (quick response)code.

The service will be extended to citizens through the ‘Tunhar Sarkar Tuhar Dwar’ scheme. As per a Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry directive, Chhattisgarh has begun implementing the order, an official communication said on Monday.

The printing of Driving License and Registration Certificate will be done at ‘Centralized Card Printing and Dispatch Unit’ at Pandri Raipur. It would be dispatched to applicants at their residential address through India Post. Polycarbonate cards are of high quality and long lasting.

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