Chhattisgarh To Procure 105 Lakh Tonnes Of Paddy

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  • The government will buy 105 lakh metric tonnes of paddy from farmers.
  • Gunny bags will be purchased from farmers and millers.
  • An initiative of Plastic gunny has also been started.

Raipur:  The cabinet sub-committee constituted to acquire paddy has concluded its meeting. Farmers’ gunny sacks will be utilised to purchase paddy this time. Along with this, rice millers and others will be able to get their hands on gunny bags. A decision on the date of paddy procurement has yet to be made. After Diwali, the date for paddy procurement will be determined. This year, too, there is a gunny bag crisis. This year, the government plans to purchase approximately 105 lakh metric tonnes of paddy. Only 30% of gunny bags were available from the Jute Commissioner, despite the high demand.

The cabinet sub-committee chaired by Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat included Agriculture Minister Ravindra Choubey and Cooperation Minister Dr. Premsai Singh Tekam. According to officials, the area planted to paddy has increased by 48,000 hectares since last year. Two and a half lakh additional farmers have also signed up. Its worth is expected to yield between 105 and 107 lakh metric tonnes of paddy.

To avoid a repeat of last year’s disaster, it has been determined that paddy will be purchased in the farmers’ gunny bags from the start. Government ration shops and rice mills are also being raided for gunny bags. At the same time, a tender process for purchasing plastic gunny sacks has begun. Last year, the government purchased 92 lakh metric tonnes of paddy.

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