Chhattisgarh To Receive Treatment For Parkinson’s Disease

Raipur: The health system in Chhattisgarh is will now have access to the treatment of the Parkinson’s disease. There was no treatment for the disease in central India, however, DKS Super Specialty Hospital has now received the approval for treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Hospital’s Superintendent confirmed that the setup will be prepared soon as they already have the doctors. The hospital has announced that the availability of the treatment will be soon.

Parkinson’s disease is a disease that dominates with increasing age as people become unable to walk and face difficulty in moving hands and feet. There is no system for the treatment of this disease in the state or whole central India.

With this, the health system of the state is expected to grow stronger. The state government has also approved facilities of kidney and liver transplant in the hospital. 12 different certificate courses have been recognised with the permission of DM. further, Dawood Kalyan Super Specialty Hospital will work as an independent unit. Pandemic years have made states realise the need for good health care systems and Chhattisgarh is working to achieve one.

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