Chhattisgarh Tops With Lowest Unemployment Rate

Raipur: Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) released monthly employment data that states 99.90 percent of people in Chhattisgarh are getting livelihood by joining some or the other forms of employment. According to the think tank, the unemployment rate for the month of September is at its lowest so far at 0.1%. With this, the state tops in terms of lowest unemployment rate in the nation.

In the same period, Assam ranks second with 0.4% and Uttarakhand ranks third with 0.5% unemployment rate, while the figure is 0.9% in Madhya Pradesh and 1.6% in Gujarat. Contrarily, Rajasthan has left behind Haryana in terms of highest unemployment rate of 23.8%/ the unemployment rate is 23.2% in Jammu & Kashmir and 22.9% in Haryana.

At national level, the report claims that the unemployment rate in the country has come down from 8.3% in August to 6.43% for the month of September. It has been measured at 7.70 percent in urban Indian areas and 5.84% in rural Indian areas. . Labor market conditions have improved substantially in the nation as it recorded the lowest unemployment rate in the past four years. Consequently, the Labor Participation Rate (LPR) has increased from 39.24% to 39.32% from August to September 2022.

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