Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha: Congress MLA Speaks Over Impetuous Decision Of Government

Story Highlights
  • Chhattisgarh assembly witness argument over Sanitary inspector recruitment
  • ShivkumarJi announces further probe of the matter
  • Congress MLA rebukes Ministers' statements

Raipur: The Assembly session in the House on Thursday (25 February) witnessed the issue of recruitment of sanitary inspectors in urban bodies raised by Congress MLA Daleshwar Sahu.

In response, Minister Shivkumar Dharia said that the previous government had released the recruitment report.  A list of 57 individuals was drafted according to which only 2 people were found eligible. Daleshwar Sahu alleges the department of responding inappropriately. 

The recruitment of sanitary inspectors is a sensitive issue concerned with the lives of residents of the urban area. Congress MLA claims the recruitment of the officials was taken for granted by the senior authorities. He said that the appointment wasn’t done honestly and is messing with the future of the country.

To which Minister Shivkumar Dharia declared an investigation of the matter.

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