Chhattisgarh: “Will Convene with Company Operators and Freight Services”: Md. Akbar on strike of Cement transport chain

Story Highlights
  • State Transport Minister to address the dispute
  • Strike continues since 26 February
  • Daily wage worker survival crisis

Chhattisgarh: The state government of Chhattisgarh asserts to solve the Freight strikes of the cement transport chain. The strike began on February 26 demanding a rise in the transport charge in the bid of fuel hike.

State Transport Minister Mohammad Akbar has convened a meeting at 4 pm today. Minister Akbar’s meeting will be attended by unit heads of all cement companies, officials from transport associations, cement dealer’s association.  

The unprecedented fuel hike created a standoff between transporters and cement manufacturers and agencies. Transported halted their services, which developed tension in the market. Due to strike, cement rates have spurted to Rs 300 or more in Raipur.  Suppliers with old stock are demanding arbitrary price which has stalled the infrastructure sector of this state and has also affected the livelihood of daily wage workers.

Off-take from cement plant stalled

The loading and unloading of cement from these plants has been stopped since February 26 due to the denial by the Transport Association.

The plight of the workers

The stalled cement transport has aggravated the distress of people engaged in cement transportation besides daily wage labourers. 

Consumer grievances

The residents of the state investing in infrastructure development suffer huge loss due to the delay. It is been reported that there has been no sale since March 8.

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