Chhattisgarh Winter Session Assembly Begins; Various Topics Are Going to Be Raised MLAs

Raipur: The winter session of the Chhattisgarh legislative has begun and today is its fourth day. The MLAs are going to raise several topics to be heard by the speaker.

During the questionnaire, topics like child and women development, farmer’sdevelopment, etc. will be raised. Also, with the help of “Dhwanakarsh Suchana” congress, MLA Satyanarayan Sharma will bring out the topic of why science college students are barred from giving exams.

The opposition political leader Dharamlal Kaushik along with BJP MLA will try to attract the attention of the home minister regarding the police custodial death of people. Not only this, but the budget session will also be discussed in the winter session. The budget is considered to be almost 2 thousand 300 crores. It will be a 3 hours discussion session of the budget.

On the eve of public member day, 3 oaths will be taken. A private bill will be produced by a 3-member group that includes Satyanarayan Sharma, Devendra Yadav, and Ajay Chandrakar. It is yet to be seen how things will go down on the fourth day of the budget session.

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