Chhattisgarh: Woman Kills Husband, Attempt Suicide with 3 Minor Kids

A 32- year- old woman allegedly killed her husband with an axe when he was in a slumber, in the wee hours of Monday. She then attempted suicide with her three- daughters by jumping into a well, in the Gaurela-Pedra-Marwahi district of Chattisgarh.

It was stated that the woman was psychologically unstable and was facing some issues with her in-laws. She was also being harassed by her husband and her mother-in-law, who often teased her by calling her ‘Pagal’ (mad). 

The incident took place in the early hours of Monday in the Dongrapara area of Pedra, some 200 kilometers away from Raipur when the 32-year-old, Vidya Paikra woke up at 4 am, intending to kill her husband. She then picked up an axe and attacked her husband who was in a deep sleep and slit his throat with an axe.

After killing him instantly, she then jumped into a well nearby, with her three daughters, all in the age group of 1-4. The woman and her children were rescued by the locals in the vicinity who rushed out to see them drowning. They informed the police and all were taken to a nearby hospital, where the condition of all was stated normal.

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