Chief Minister Baghel Announces ₹465 Crore Grant for Raigad District

Raipur: In a significant development, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel of Chhattisgarh has announced a generous grant of ₹465 crores for the Raigad district. The announcement accompanies the upcoming National Ramayana Festival, which celebrates the rich cultural heritage and promotes regional tourism. The substantial financial support is expected to bolster infrastructure development, enhance tourism facilities, and uplift the overall socio-economic condition of the district.

The next National Ramayana Festival will draw guests from around the nation and abroad. As part of the preparations, the Chief Minister has pledged a substantial grant to ensure the district’s readiness to welcome and accommodate the anticipated influx of tourists. The money will go towards constructing new tourist attractions, repairing existing ones, and enhancing lodging and hospitality offerings.

Local authorities and residents have hailed the decision as a transformative step towards the development of the Raigad district. It is anticipated to provide employment possibilities, strengthen the local economy, and promote the area as a significant cultural and tourism attraction. The infusion of funds will facilitate the growth of the tourism sector, attracting visitors and pilgrims interested in exploring the rich historical and spiritual significance associated with the Ramayana.

Chief Minister Baghel expressed his vision for the Raigad district to become a hub of cultural tourism and a center for promoting the values and teachings of the epic Ramayana. The investment aims to highlight the region’s cultural legacy and showcase its historical importance nationally and internationally.

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