China Covid: Anti-Govt Protest against Lockdown Intensifies

Beijing, China: Anti-government protests are intensifying in China against the strict lockdown under the Zero Covid policy. Meanwhile, there is news that a journalist covering a protest in Shanghai was assaulted. A Chinese media house reported that a cameraman was detained while covering anti-government protests and was beaten up by Chinese police for several hours. It has also been said by the media house that no explanation or apology has been given by China in this matter. 

On the other hand, anti-government protests against the strict lockdown in China are intensifying rapidly. On Sunday too, a large number of people appeared on the streets of China and carried on with their protests. According to the latest information, this demonstration has now reached Wuhan after the major cities of China, Beijing, and Shanghai. Several videos of the ongoing protests in China are also surfacing on social media.

Meanwhile, a massive fire broke out in a building located in Urumqi in China. In this incident, 10 people were burnt alive and nine were injured. People alleged that due to the strict lockdown, help did not reach on time, due to which the incident took place. Following this, a large number of people, including several university students, took to the streets and intensified the protest. 

Notably, China‚Äôs Coronavirus infection is spreading very fast since last week. On Saturday, 40 thousand cases were registered there in 24 hours. If we look at the last few days, more than 30 thousand cases are being reported continuously. 

The fire of ongoing protests against the strict lockdown in China has reached London. According to media reports, people gathered outside the Chinese Embassy in London and raised slogans against the government. During this, people paid tribute to the people who lost their lives in the accident in Urumqi by lighting candles. 

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