China Covid Surge: President Xi Jinping’s Zero Covid Policy Fails

Story Highlights
  • 1000+ corona cases are being reported daily in China
  • Zero Covid policy fails to incur results
  • Economic condition worsens in China due to strict lockdown

Beijing, China: The covid 19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc in China. More than 1000 cases of corona infection are being reported daily. Meanwhile, a media report has claimed that President Xi Jinping’s ‘Zero-Covid’ policy that shook the people of China seems to be failing miserably. Because China is still struggling to prevent cases of corona infection. 

The ‘Zero-Covid’ policy was introduced by the Communist government of China to prevent cases of corona infection. Due to repeated lockdowns under this policy, dissatisfaction had increased among Chinese citizens. Currently, 31 cities in China are under lockdown to contain Covid, affecting millions of people in the country.

The strict Lockdown has created a crisis in people’s livelihood. Many people lost their jobs. Along with this, there has been a huge decrease in the income of the people. China’s economy has also suffered a setback due to the lockdown. According to the report, the balance between the manufacturing and service sectors in China has deteriorated and it has reached the lowest level since 2020.

Nearly 60 percent of European companies in China have cut revenue estimates this year due to Covid restrictions, according to the EU Chamber of Commerce. The report said that unemployment in China has reached a record 20 percent. At the same time, the provincial governments, already in debt, are forced to spend on large-scale covid testing.

Meanwhile, in Guangzhou, people continue to protest against the Chinese government’s anti-Covid policy. In a video that has gone viral on social media, people can be seen taking to the streets to protest. The local people have refused to be admitted to the quarantine centres. There has been a shortage of food, emergency medical care, and other essential services in China’s big cities, causing anger among people. 

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