China Lockdown Another City Amid Fearing Spike

Story Highlights
  • Yuzhou, Henan province under lockdown.
  • Essential services barred.
  • Authorities in Xi’an launched fifth round of mass screening.

China: Another city in China went into lockdown, as the province reported since the surge in its COVID count. The municipal corporation of Yuzhou, Henan province locked 1.2 million residents after just two asymptomatic cases reported on Sunday and one on Monday.

Authorities have barred all essential services and bound residents to their houses. Those working in essential industries have to present a COVID negative report, officials said.

China on Monday reported 108 local infections across three provinces including Shaanxi, South-eastern Zhejiang, and Henan. 21 asymptomatic infections were also reported in Henan along with two in Shanghai.

Since December, the ancient of China has been grappling to combat the largest outbreak since Wuhan, the epicentre of the pandemic. So far, 1700 cases have been recorded in the city pushing the tally highest opposing the previous hike in May 2021. Meanwhile, authorities at Xi’an launched the fifth round of mass testing, vowing to eliminate the outbreak.

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