China Reports 24.8 Cr Covid Cases in 20 Days, Thousands Dying Daily

Story Highlights
  • Earlier China reported 3.7 Cr corona cases in just one day
  • Chinese government stopped releasing official figures
  • Dead bodies pile up outside hospitals and crematoriums as no. of deaths peak

China: After getting 3.7 crore corona-infected cases in one day, the Chinese government has banned the release of official figures of virus-infected people in the country. However, still many types of figures are coming out from different sources and these figures are very frightening. A prominent Chinese journalist has claimed that on Saturday itself, eight thousand Chinese citizens died due to corona infection. Earlier, on December 21, a maximum of 10,700 people died, as per the reports.  

What’s more shocking is that there is no space left to keep dead bodies in hospitals and cremation grounds. Cold storage in hospitals are also filled with a large number of corpses. A maximum of 15,000 dead bodies have been kept in a meat cold storage in Yuquanning city. The Communist government of China has started making arrangements for cold storage in many cities to keep dead bodies. Several big containers have also been brought in, in which the dead bodies are being kept. Many such pictures have come out from China, which are very painful. 

In China, the corona patients who are getting admission to the hospital are being treated on the floor. Every day more than one crore people are getting infected,

and the number of corona patients in China is increasing continuously. According to a media report, thousands of patients are being found daily in almost every city. Corona’s havoc is dominating in such a way that eight to ten thousand people are dying every day. 

On Sunday, December 25, more than 16,000 people died within 24 hours. 8000 people died in Beijing alone. The death toll in China has increased so fast that there is no space left to keep the dead bodies. Waiting of three to five days is going on at all the cemeteries and funeral places. People are forced to stand in line on the road for about 24 hours, keeping dead bodies in vehicles.

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