China Reports First Death Since January 2021

Story Highlights
  • First death reported in more than a year.
  • Two elderly patients died in Jhilin, with one amongst them unvaccinated
  • The death toll rises to 4,638.

Beijing: Reeling under the worst outbreak after Wuhan, China today reported two deaths ever since January 2021.

On Saturday, the National Health Commission recorded two deaths both in northeastern Jilin province, rising the country’s coronavirus death toll to 4,638. As per reports, both the deceased are identified as elderly patients, one amongst whom was unvaccinated.

The majority of new 2,157 community transmissions reported Saturday came from Jilin. The province has imposed a travel ban, with people needing permission from the police to travel across borders.

On Friday, it ruled out relaxing its much-criticized ‘Zero COVID policy’ of restricting international travel and minimising contacts with the outside world. The nation since March recorded more than 29,000 confirmed cases.

Hong Kong, which is facing its worst surge of the pandemic, recorded 16,583 new cases Saturday. The city’s total coronavirus infections exceeded 1 million on Friday, and its number of deaths has already surpassed mainland China’s.

Mainland China’s COVID-19 data is counted separately from Hong Kong, a special administrative region.

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