China Tests Fishes And Crabs for COVID-19

Story Highlights
  • Sudde surge in COVID-19 prompts expediated testing.
  • Sea animal like fishes and crabs being tested for COVID-19.
  • More than 5 million people in Xiamen ordered to undergo testing.

Beijing: The surge in Covid -19 has prompted Xiamen authorities in China to expand their scope. According to the an international media house, more than five million people have been ordered to take tests. The twist to the screening ordered this time is the inclusion of animals precisely sea animals.

China’s one of the most renowned media firm tweeted a video of medical professionals examining fish and crabs for the Covid-19 virus. As seen in the video, the healthcare workers wearing PPE kits are placing swabs inside the mouths of fish and crab shells. It has sparked discussion and gone viral in Chinese media as well.

Click here to see the video

Some netizens approved of sea animal testing, while others were perplexed. One of the netizens supported the testing by commenting on “It seems strange, but hey, there’s no way to know without testing. Everyone is aware of the transmission between animals and humans. You wouldn’t think it would extend to marine life, but stranger things have happened. So go ahead and test, “. While another person not pleased with the testing said, “believed it to be a prank. However, in reality, it is congruent with the ideological trap that has caused cascading and insane resource misallocation! Quite scary!”

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