China to not Publish Covid Data Daily, Resorts to Once a Month

Story Highlights
  • Chinese govt took decision to publish covid data once a month from Jan
  • It is expected to create confusion and distrust globally
  • As per reports from sources, Covid situation is worsening in China

China: After the report of logging about 3.7 Crore Covid cases in a day came out, the Chinese government has taken the decision to not publish any official figures now. It will only publish the data once a month beginning from January. Along with this, China will reduce the level of the pandemic to category ‘B’ i.e. less dangerous in January, while the ground reality is said to be the opposite. 

The situation in the country worsens as hospitals and crematoriums are seen to be full and patients are being treated on the floors and roofs of the hospitals. Dead bodies are seen piling up outside the crematoriums and more cold storages are being built to accommodate the bodies. 

However, amidst such a worst scenario, the Chinese government announced the release of monthly figures on Tuesday. It is a move that is expected to increase confusion and mistrust among its citizens and globally at the same time. Through monthly data, it will be told how fast the virus is spreading in the country and how many people it is fatally infected. 

The country’s Covid-19 management includes a module of prevention and treatment. Since the beginning of 2020, the level of Covid in the country is ‘A’. It will be reduced to ‘B’ from January 8, as per news sources. This will further relax the strict policies of Covid. After this, there will be no need to quarantine the infected persons. 

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