“China withholding Critical Information on Covid Origin”; Biden

Story Highlights
  • Covid virus originated first in Wuhan, China
  • China keeps denying investigation transparency
  • Biden claims china “reject calls” regarding investigation queries

The covid origin dates back to the end of the year 2019 when it was first reported in the Chinese city Wuhan. Since then, the virus has affected the world drastically and devastated millions of lives and the economy. As the virus first originated in China, there are speculations amongst the global intelligence agencies that it has been a possible fallout of research in a Chinese lab. 

The possibility of china creating the virus as a “bio-weapon” to target other countries is also not ruled out by the US intelligence agencies. And the debate continues to deepen as Joe Biden claims that China keeps “rejecting calls” related to the investigation transparency in the virus case. 

In a recent interview to the US media, Joe Biden is heard saying, “Critical information about the origins of this pandemic exists in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), yet from the beginning, government officials in China have worked to prevent international investigators and members of the global public health community from accessing it. To this day, the PRC continues to reject calls for transparency and withhold information, even as the toll of this pandemic continues to rise”. 

While most intelligence agencies have ruled out the possibility of the coronavirus being a “bio-weapon” created by the Chinese government to target other countries, some of them claim it can be a lab accident that occurred during research that caused the virus to spread so hugely. It is only with time, that the world will know the truth behind the covid origin!

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