‘Church Vandalism’ Row: HC Grants Bail to 5 Tribals Involved

BILASPUR: 5 tribals arrested in connection to violence that erupted in Narayanpur district January this year were granted a bail. A single bench of K Vyas at the Bilaspur High Court on Saturday granted bail to the accused involved in the protests in which an SI and TI were injured.

On 2 January 2023, a protest organised by a group of tribals, led by right wing leaders, in Narayanpur district over alleged ‘forced conversion’ of members of tribal community into Christianity turned violent, leaving a church vandalised.

A video of the church, which was built on the premises of Vishwa Dipti High School in Narayanpur, located merely a kilometre away from the district headquarters, showed broken chairs and papers scattered around.

An FIR was lodged against over 40 people, and nine others, including BJP’s Narayanpur district president Roop Sai Salam, were arrested.

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