Closure of Bars; Liquor Only to be Sold in Shops: MP Govt

BHOPAL: In a big move the SS Cabinet on Sunday made significant changes to the excise policy of the state. The move is said to be aimed at discouraging liquor consumption.

Under the revised policy proposed ahead of the budget, all bars operating the state will be shut down and liqour will only be sold at licenced shops. Shop owners in order to renew their liscence will have to pay additional ten per cent of the previous renewal fee. Failure to do so will subject their outlets to auction the cabinet announced.

Addressing a press conference, Narottam Mishra said, “Since 2010, no new liquor shop has been closed in the state. Even during Narmada Seva Yatra, several shops were closed. This year also the liquor policy has been brought to discourage liquor consumption.”

“Now, the cabinet has approved the proposal to close all the bars operating in the state. Now, the facility to drink at the shop bars is being ended, and only liquor will only be sold at the liquor shops,” he added.

The distance of 50 metres for operating a liqour shop around religious sites was increased to 100.

Provisions on drink and driving will also be tightened. Any individual caught would be subjected to suspension of liscence the cabinet decided.

There are a total of three thousand 608 liquor shops in the state that would have to abide to the revised law.

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