CM Baghel Apologises For Scolding Woman During ‘Bhent Mulakat’

Raipur: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has apologised for his conduct of scolding a woman during his ‘Bhent Mulakat’ programme in the Surguja division. Talking to media persons here on Tuesday before leaving for Surajpur district, Baghel said, “The woman was expressing her grief during the ‘Bhent Mulakat’ programme and she was in distress I regret I should not have scolded her. I apologise for such conduct.”

Asked about Dr Raman Singh’s allegations over the misconduct with the woman, the Chief Minister said that the BJP has no issues and so it is raising baseless allegations. “In his statement, earlier Dr Raman Singh had used the word ‘manufacturing defect’ for Congress leader Nand Kumar Patel in Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly. The BJP has no issues so it is only trying to defame the Congress government,” he added.

The BJP workers in large numbers are coming to the Bhent Mulakat programme and they are hailing the schemes and programmes of the Congress government, Baghel said. Replying to another query, Baghel reiterated that the coal policy of the BJP government at the Centre failed and because of it, the trains are being cancelled across the country due to the coal crisis.

Responding to another query on BJP MP Santosh Pandey’s statement that the Congress is remembering Lord Ram, Shankar and Krishna as it is seeing a sure defeat in the next assembly elections, Baghel said that the Congress party has never used religion or gods to secure votes, the BJP is using the name of Ram political benefit. Ram is part of our culture and we are developing the Ramvangaman path as part of this rich culture and not for reaping any political benefit as BJP do. Similarly, Krishna Kunj will be developed to preserve nature, he said.

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