CM Baghel Attacks Opposition over NCRB Reports

Story Highlights
  • CM Baghel responds to derogatory comments by Former CM.
  • Cited statistics released during BJP tenure.
  • NCRB released its report on crime survey for 2020.

Chhattisgarh: CM Baghel issued a strong response to derogatory comments issued by Former CM Raman Singh on the National Crime Records Bureau report.

He sought a sheer attack on opposition stating that the former govt lacked appropriate information about the crimes committed in the state. He stated that BJP run Chhattisgarh failed to incorporate a system to register reports on crimes like murder, rape and theft which let the culprits flee. Citing to the survey conducted during the BJP tenure, “Chhattisgarh had recorded rapes at 6.4 per cent”, Baghel said. Today the occurrence of rapes has reduced and the state has drifted to the 12th  position from 5th, he further added.

Before leaving for Balod, CM Baghel interacted with the local reporters comparing the statistics of Chhattisgarh and Bihar issued by the NCRB report on Thursday. As per the survey, he said, “Bihar, MP, Haryana and Gujarat are the top states in terms of murder.”

The NCRB on Thursday released a survey report for 2020 that stated Chhattisgarh had witnessed outscored rape attacks than Bihar. As per the survey, the state witnessed an increased crime against the tribal’s that hiked from 388 in 2018 to 502 in 2020. Talking about the SC/ST of the state, 316 crime reports were lodged in 2020 compared to 264 in 2018, the report informed.

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