CM Baghel Cancels Foreign Trip; Will Continue Stay in Delhi

Story Highlights
  • CM Baghel cancels trip to Singapore and Indonesia.
  • Minister of Commerce and Industry departed as per schedule.
  • CG cabinet has been exploring investment options for CG.

Raipur: CG CM Bhupesh Baghel who was scheduled to visit Indonesia and Singapore in the next week has cancelled his trip. However, the Minister of Commerce and Industry Kawasi Lakhma departed as per the schedule. It is also being learnt that Chief Sec Amitabh Jain was also amongst officials who were expected to participate in the week-long discussions.

According to sources, the trip was cancelled a day ahead of the departure and Bhupesh Baghel would continue his stay in Delhi as the Former Party President would visit the ED office for the third time tomorrow.

Minister Lakhma would fly to Indonesia via Delhi, where he is scheduled to meet a few delegations. It is worth noting that the Bagehl govt has been exploring investment possibilities in every prospect of the state. It is be

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