CM Baghel & Kumari Selja Unite 2,000 Leaders in Jagdalpur

Jagdalpur– Around 2,000 leaders from several divisions gathered in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, in an impressive display of solidarity. Bhupesh Baghel, the chief minister, and Kumari Selja, the regional administrator, attended the event. Both leaders emphasised the need for unity and urged a coordinated effort to address the state’s problems.

During the event, CM Baghel highlighted the importance of unity and urged the leaders to work together for the development and welfare of the region. He emphasised the government’s dedication to improving the lot of citizens in Jagdalpur and its environs. Baghel’s attendance at the event demonstrated his commitment to resolving the worries of regional authorities and communities.

The regional manager, Kumari Selja, also spoke to the group and emphasised the need for teamwork. She thanked the leaders for their enthusiastic reaction and asked them to put the interests of their constituents first. To promote inclusive growth in the area, Selja urged people to engage in the decision-making process actively.

The event provided leaders from all spheres of society with a forum for discussion where they could share thoughts, work out problems, and formulate plans. It allowed the government and local authorities to develop closer links and encourage a culture of collaboration and cooperation.

The event concluded with a call to action, emphasising the role of leaders in driving positive change and working towards the progress of Jagdalpur and its surrounding areas. The gathering showcased the commitment of CM Baghel and Kumari Selja’s commitment to listening to the people’s concerns and working collectively towards their resolution.

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