CM Baghel Stopped at Lucknow Airport; Rebukes Officials

Story Highlights
  • CM Baghel stopped by UP police officials at Lucknow airport.
  • Staged a sit-down on being detained.
  • Asserted wanted to convene with Ms Gandhi at Sitapur.

Lucknow: CM Baghel was seen sitting on the floor after he was stopped by the UP police personnel amidst the widespread agitations prevailing in the state. Taking to his microblogging site Chhtaiisgrh CM wrote in Hindi-” I am being stopped at Lucknow airport without any orders.  He asserted that he wanted to convene with Ms Priyanka Gandhi who was detained on Sunday at Sitapur Police Station.”

He also shared a video that featured his interaction with a cop at the airport. The transcript for the conversation read- “Dhara 144 to Lakhimpur me hai. Hum Lakhimpur to jaa nahi rahe hain. Problem kya hai. (Prohibitory orders are in Lakhimpur, but we are not going there. So what’s the problem),” To this the officials at large reply that large gatherings are also banned in Lucknow. 

Earlier on Monday, the UP Govt had urged airport authorities to restrict the landing of Chhattisgarh CM Baghel and Punjab Deputy CM SS Randhawa.

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