CM Baghel Writes to PM Modi Highlighting the Success of Millet Mission

RAIPUR: CG CM has written to PM Modi urging him to take up an initiative to promote the production and consumption of millet crops. In his letter to the PM, Baghel highlighted the state’s Millet Mission success. Millet Mission initiative is aimed at giving the farmers the right price for small cereal crops, providing input assistance, procurement arrangements, processing, and ensuring that the farmers get the benefit of the expertise of experts.

In the letter, he called upon the inclusion of millet crop distribution under the National Food Security Act, collection of millet crops at MSP by the central govt, and supply under subsidized rates. According to Baghel if the millets are provided at subsidized rates, unprecedented growth will be witnessed in the production and consumption of millet crops.

He added that his government has included millet in their mid-meal program at schools and also supplies 20-25 percent of the state’s produce to Ashrams. He also spoke about the elusive arrangements made by the state administration in order to promote the growth and consumption of other crops like Kodo, Kutki, and Ragi apart from Paddy that is procured by the state govt under MSP during the Kharif Marketing Season.

Baghel on Jan 4th had organized a lunch where all the dishes were made from millet in order to promote the Millet Mission. This lunch was served to all the legislators in the state’s Legislative Assembly. The Central Government has declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets and the Chhattisgarh government has also taken a new initiative in Millets Year 2023. Since millet is produced in large quantities in Chhattisgarh, the state government has declared the support price of ‘Kodo Kutki’ at Rs. 3,000 per quintal.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested that a millet cafe should be opened in Chhattisgarh to promote and streamline millet production in the state.

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