CMs Son Chaitanya Baghel Gets Engaged in a Private Affair

Story Highlights
  • Chaitanya Baghel got engaged in a private ceremony on January 4th.
  • Chaitanya Baghel carries the lineage of agriculture as primary occupation.
  • Daughter in Law- Khyati Verma holds a masters degree and is employed at a private international Bank.

Raipur: Chhattisgarh CMs son Chaitanya Baghel got engaged in a private ceremony in the state capital Raipur. The closed ceremony that was held at a private hotel on January 4th gathered was attended by close friends and family along with eminent politicians of the state. Groom Chaitanya is a graduate in the field of  Agriculture from Bhilai.

The would-be daughter-in-law, Khyati Verma is an MBA professional working on a prestigious post in an International Private Bank. Originally from Bhatapara in Chhattisgarh her father hails from an agricultural background as is also involved in several social activities consistently. The Verma family is reported to have no political background unlike the Baghel’s.

Bhupesh Baghel, serves as the third and current CM of Chhattisgarh. CM Bhupesh was born to Nand Kumar Baghel and Bindeshwari Baghel in 1961. Agriculture being the primary occupation of the lineage Baghel has always made attempts to progress this sect of the state. Bhupesh Baghel is married to Mukteshwari and has three daughters and one son.

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