CNG Price Hike Affects Delhi Auto Driver Desperately

  • Consecutive fuel hikes leave auto drivers in a fix
  • CNG increased by 70 paisa while PNG increased by 91 paisa today
  • No measures by Govt to balance inflation

As we can see, the fuel hike in the country has left most daily commuters fumed from the past few weeks. The price has been increasing consecutively, no matter whether it is petrol, diesel, CNG or other types of fuels. Now, the consecutive rise in price has made the farmers go insane as they have to travel long routes in the same fare but they have to pay more for the fuel.

An auto driver from Noida, Manoj Jha said speaking to a leading news agency, “Prices of everything are going up, whether it is petrol, diesel, LPG, or PNG. The price of CNG has been increasing continuously since the COVID-19 lockdown. It is getting very difficult for us to survive”. Not only auto drivers but cab drivers are also affected due to the same. Atul Kumar, a Delhi-based cab driver said, “The expenses have exceeded the earnings. Only we know how we are managing. The inflation is increasing. What can we do?”

If such fuel hikes continue then it will be tough for them to manage expenses. Another auto driver says, “Increasing the rate of CNG will cause several difficulties for us. It is getting tougher for us to bear the auto’s expenses. Where the CNG tank used to get filled in Rs 100 is now taking Rs 120. Also, because of the farmers who are sitting on the border right now, we have to cover several kilometers for a Rs 10 ride”. The Govt must soon come with a feasible solution to this problem.

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