Coal India Imposed Restrictions On Private Agencies

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  • India‚Äôs coal stocks have hit high levels.
  • A meeting will be held with CM soon due to the shortage of production.
  • The war between Russia and Ukraine has had an impact on coal and gas supplies.

Raipur: After the six thousand crore coal scam exposed in Gujarat, the crisis of the industries has deepened. Coal India Private Limited has banned private agencies providing coal across the country. For this, Coal India has written a letter to all its seven companies saying that they have been instructed to stop the supply of coal to the private agencies appointed by the state governments. It is being told that Coal India has issued this letter on Thursday.

Rolling mills, mini steel plants and sponge iron are all affected due to the impact of coal. Manoj Aggarwal, president of Chhattisgarh Re-Rolling Mill Association, said that the condition of rolling mills has become very bad. The production capacity has decreased by more than fifty per cent. He said that Chhattisgarh Re-Rolling Mill Association was also appointed for the supply of coal, but now it is not possible after the order of Coal India. A meeting with Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel will be held soon in this regard.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has had an impact on coal and gas supplies. Industrialists say that these days coal has become Rs 21 thousand per tonne. The effect of the increase in coal prices is also being seen in the iron market. It is being sold in the retail market for Rs 72 thousand per ton. There is a possibility that if the war escalates further, the prices will increase furthermore. These days the demand in the market has also decreased. Industrialists say that due to the crisis, so far more than half a dozen industries have been locked down.

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