Communal Motif behind 25 Year Old Rinku Sharma’s Death; Angle to Be Probed

Story Highlights
  • Rinku Sharma, 25, died in mob lynching, family cries foul about a communal angle
  • He went for a friend’s birthday party in Mangolpuri where a quarrel started, as per CCTV footage reports
  • Parents said son chanted ‘Jai Shri ram’ during mob lynching that included 30-40 people armed with sticks and knives

A 25 year old man from Delhi was beaten to death by a mob of 30-40 people, and a communal angle is being probed about the same. The victim, named Rinku Sharma, attended a birthday party of his friend in Mangolpuri where a fight started near a restaurant, as per CCTV footage found by the police.

“So far, during the investigation, it has surfaced that the quarrel started during a birthday party over shutting down of a restaurant,” said the police. 

His family alleges that they are a target by some opponent political leaders who hurled abuses on them to be a BJP supporter. Rinku was a Bajrang dal member and was involved in rallies organized for the construction of ram mandir.

His brother Manu Sharma said, “On August 5, we had taken out a rally for the construction of the Ram Temple. At that time too, we were harassed. They had threatened us. Then he (Rinku Sharma) was murdered on Wednesday. They used to object to the chanting of ‘Jai Shri Ram’.”

Both the parents have broken down after the incident. The father said that his son was the target of a group of members because he was a Bajrang dal member while his mother expressed grief over the fact that 30-40 people gathered to kill her son. 

“My son was linked to the Bajrang Dal and so, he was repeatedly threatened”, said the father while the mother said, “When my son was being killed, at that time too, he was chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’.” Investigations are still on for the case.

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