Commuters Rush to Collect Liquor Bottles from Toppled Truck

Story Highlights
  • Truck carrying liquor worth Rs 10 lakh topples on national highway in Madurai.
  • Commuters rush to collect the scattered bottles.
  • Images of the on lookers picking up bottles from the road goes viral.

Madurai: National Highway in Tamil Nadu faces traffic jams as commuters salvage expensive liquor bottles from a toppled logistic vehicle. A vehicle ferrying liquor bottles worth Rs 10 lakh toppled on the highway in the Viraganur area of Madurai. Reports claim the driver lost control of the steering which led to the incident.

Images of the commuters salvaging their liquor bottles from the overturned vehicle have gone viral on social media.

A similar incident was reported from Madhya Pradesh on April 20th, where a truck carrying beer bottles toppled and onlookers rushed to pick up the scattered bottles. However, the police later took charge of the situation and seized the remaining cartoons.

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